Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Interstellar Trailer and Review

Last week, I got invited to attend a special early screening of Interstellar for the wonderful folk at Starburst Magazine. I've been a big, big fan of Christopher Nolan since Memento but for some reason I wasn't overly excited about Interstellar.

With that in mind, my expectations were sensible for the film (which is always a good place to start) so I really enjoyed it. Here is my review of Interstellar for Starburst Magazine. It's a hard film to talk about without spoiling some of its secrets but I have not given anything away in my review. In fact I've given a lot less away than many other reviews I've seen!

It's out on Friday and with the name Christopher Nolan and the face of Matthew McConaughey attached, I have no doubt that Interstellar will be absolutely massive at the box office. Here is the trailer:

Here's a featurette on building a Black Hole for the movie:

And just one more trailer for fun:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the movie!

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