Monday, 27 October 2014

Jim Carrey vs Matthew McConaughey

First of all: what in the name of the good Lord is Matthew McConaughey doing in a car commercial so soon after winning an Oscar? I know Halle Berry did Catwoman and Charlize Theron did Aeon Flux right after snagging Academy Awards but this is surely some kind of new low isn't it?

Secondly, Jim Carrey sadly just keeps getting older. I wish this could stop. He got famous too late in life and I feel like we're owed more years of him in his prime. But hey at least he's still got his funny bones sometimes.

So here he is taking the piss out of the car commercial the McDaddy has done for Lincoln cars. 'Sometimes you got to go back to actually move forward' MM says in the commercial. Well Jim Carrey has gone back to SNL for this little skit and it's pretty funny. Check out the real commercial and then the parody below:

The real deal:

Jim Carrey's version:

Did it make you LOL so much you ended up ROTFL?

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