Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I Love That Blog Post #11: The Dark Knight Rises Special

Well look what I forgot to post before I went on honeymoon!  My humble apologies as this is a little bit late now but still, these are some great posts for you to check out!  Happy reading!

If you’re having trouble coping with a negative review of The Dark Knight Rises, The Droid You’re Looking For can help you

If that doesn’t work, Man, I Love Films brings the news there are counsellors on standby to manage your depression at the end of the trilogy

The Focused Filmographer takes a look at some fan-made videos and posters for The Dark Knight Rises

This one is not bat-related but thinking about it, a certain Christian Bale might want to look over Rodney’s guide to surviving being a celebrity before he throws another hissy fit on a set!

3 Guys 1 Movie want to know who should direct and star in the next Batman movie

The Movie Blog calls for some sanity from the rabid fanboys that have lost their minds over negative reviews of TDKR on Rotten Tomatoes

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