Monday, 5 March 2012

This Year's Love That Film

I Love That Film turns a year old today!  March 5th last year I blogged about found footage horror films and the Attack the Block trailer.  I'm still banging on about this kind of stuff a year later.

Only now, 115 posts later, I have a whopping 62 followers, have seen Attack the Block twice, bought the DVD, and have even met the director Joe Cornish, the executive producer Edgar Wright and some of the cast!  It's been an amazing year.

I'm also not just blogging about found footage films but trying to write my thesis on the little buggers.  I'm a bit bloody sick of them frankly and I've got at least another three years of watching and analysing them to do.  Wish me luck!

As of this moment I've had 17,879 page views since last March.  I have no idea if this is good but I think most of them are from people looking at pictures that I've taken from other places.  Wierdly 7,460 of those views are all on one post and that was actually about a TV show.  Not great for a movie blog but nevermind!

Here's my top viewed posts of my first year of blogging if you're interested.

7,460 Pageviews

501 Pageviews

409 Pageviews

198 Pageviews

193 Pageviews

184 Pageviews

167 Pageviews

122 Pageviews

99 Pageviews

85 Pageviews

And because of these wonderful little ads dotted around the page I've made 98 pence this year just from blogging.  Obviously I'm not in it for the money... but still, with figures like that, I'm definitely thinking of packing in the teaching and becoming a full-time blogger!  I could have earnt £2 by next March and then I'll be blogging from a boat in the Bahamas! 

This could be me!
I've loved discovering, reading and commenting on about a million film blogs and special thanks to all those that have stopped by to share the film love on all these posts over the last year! 
I would love to know what everyone thinks of these figures!  Be brutal.  Are these poor, average or brilliant for the first year?  How many page views did y'all have after a year of blogging?  Should I pack it all in or go into my second year of blogging with my head held high and pockets lined with advertsing revenue?

Thank you all SO much for dropping by, for writing your own blogs, for reading or for commenting!  It means a lot and it makes it all worthwhile to know that someone out there is reading and sharing the passion for all things movies!  I Love That Film loves you!