Monday, 19 December 2011

Batman has Bane's permission to die

It's here!  As the viral marketing campaign kicks into gear and following the awesome poster recently revealed and the teaser trailer released earlier in the year, along comes a first theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy-closer The Dark Knight Rises.  Despite more Bane, Bale, a bit more Batman, a bit more Hathaway and the return of Oldman and Caine, as well as a snippet of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it's got not quite everything I'd hoped for.  That said it's still bloody good!

I spend enough time complaining about trailers that give away too much so I should be happy with this one.  But it just still feels like too much of a tease.  Not too much of a surprise as we're still months away from the film's release.  Still with this trailer, the cool poster and positive feedback from those who have seen the opening, I may not be much of a comic book/superhero fan but in Nolan I trust.