Sunday, 4 December 2011

Am I Wrong?

Call me bat-shit crazy, but one of the best films I've seen in a long time has got to be Rubber (Quentin Dupieux, 2010).  If you haven't seen it or even heard of it, please treat yourself to the trailer below:

Yes it features a rubber tyre on a murderous rampage, making heads explode with only the power of it's little rubber mind, but that's just the beggining of the film's incredibly random wierdness.  It takes surreal to dizzying new heights.  It's like the greatest David Lynch film that David Lynch never made because he thought it would just be too damn wierd.  If the opening scene embedded below doesn't intrigue you or make you snigger, then ignore me, ignore this post and go about your day.

Still here?  Well there are plenty more reasons to love this film so I urge you to hunt it down.  It had me in hysterical fits of laughter at some points and I admire director Dupieux's skills at giving the little psycho tyre a totally understandable character with clearly recognisable feelings through the use of cinematography and music.

Anyway enough about Rubber.  The real reason I post today is that Dupieux (a.k.a. music maker Mr Oizo) is returning with a new film, Wrong, set to premier at January's Sundance Film Festival.  And by the looks of the trailer, it could be another surreal gem.  This time Dupieux's got a star attached.  Wrong features the legendary William Fichtner in the cast but also has enough bat-shit crazy imagery to make Lynch weep.  A car in the clouds, a digital clock reading 7:60 and the end credits all pop up in this wierd but wondeful trailer.  The characters asking 'why?' are all as confused as I am.  Watch the trailer below: 

So another wacky (dare I say) masterpiece?  Or am I wrong?


  1. I saw it earlier last year and thought it was the worst film I have ever laid my eyes on. I hated every minute. Sorry matey.

  2. @Scott No way, did you like/have you seen Rubber?

  3. I love it when Rubber gets the love it deserves! And I am so excited for Dupieux's Wrong. Hope it makes it to the big screen here in Detroit.

  4. @OMFBC Loved Rubber, laughed my ass off! Hope Wrong gets it right!


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