Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Trailer for a Trailer: Prometheus

Advertising sucks!  It makes me want shit I don't need and tries to make me feel bad for not having the products it's selling.  But movie marketing on the other hand... well that's a different story.  It sells me films I DO need.  Films I need like a fix. 

After yesterday's release of The Dark Knight Rises new trailer comes a trailer for the trailer of Ridley Scott's Prometheus.  So this is new... a trailer for a trailer.  When will it end?  A trailer for the announcement of the beginning of pre-production?  A trailer for the script being written?  Well that's fine with me.  I'll lap it up because often following the marketing can be a much more thrilling, exciting and fun experience than actually watching the final film.  But then maybe that's the fault of marketing and my silly expectations.

Anyway, the trailer for Prometheus is out Thursday so here is the trailer for the trailer.  It's looking very exciting with the promise of big ideas and big action and it's cool to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

That's two trailers for my hot tips for 2012 released in the same week.  Next I just need a trailer that shows Tarantino rehearsing with his great cast for Django Unchained and a trailer for the wrap party of World War Z and my Christmas will be proper sorted!