Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 List #3: Worst of the year

Seeing as how every film deserves at least a little praise just for getting made, I'll keep this brief.  The directors, producers and crews should all be applauded for their hard work and dedication to filmmaking.

But unfortunately not every film works.  Maybe it doesn't work for me, maybe it doesn't work for the general population, maybe it fails to find an audience for some reason or maybe it's just by all accounts a bit shit.  But I would never suggest you do not watch these.  Please seek them out, watch them and let me know what you think!

Like the two previous lists I have made of films watched in 2011; Documentary and Horror, this list has films from outside 2011.  Any film I watched for the first time this year could have been included here.

  1. The Silent House (Proof that editing is vital in film) 
  2. Unstoppable (Make it stop Tony Scott!)
  3. Jackboots on Whitehall (Unfunny puppets)
  4. Knight and Day (The stars don't shine)
  5. Bubba Ho-Tep (Cult crap)
  6. The Collingswood Story (Bad idea)
  7. Snuff Movie (Bloody mess)
  8. Baghead (As bad as the title and reviewed here)
  9. The Fourth Kind (Unbelieveable) 
  10. Remember Me (tasteless twist)
So has anybody seen any of these?  Have I got it wrong?  Is Bubba Ho-Tep actually comedy genius?  Or is Remember Me a powerful drama with a powerhouse performance from R-Pattz?  Or is Tony Scott getting better with age and directing fantastic action thrillers like Unstoppable?


  1. aw man I loved Bubba Ho Tep (then again it was a long time ago I saw it, I even have a t shirt!!)

    I agree about unstoppable though, pretty bad

  2. @Scott so many people liked or loved it and I expected to. It was such a cool idea but I just didn't get it in the end. Oooh Unstoppable, Taking of Pelham 123, Domino, I'm really hating Tony Scott right now. I think he's worse than Michael Bay.


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