Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Precious Trailer

The return of Gollum, Bilbo and Gandalf gets a trailer today.  Gollum is kept in the shadows, Gandalf gets bad-ass and Martin Freeman gets to show us his take on Bilbo.

There are lots of nods to The Lord of the Rings trilogy thrown in and brief introductions to the dwarves but no Smaug the dragon yet.  Middle Earth still looks fantastic (particularly the Shire) and the Dwarves singing gives the trailer a great, moody, atmosphere. 

It all ends with the introduction of Gollum and the warning from Gandalf that this 'Unexpected Journey' will change Bilbo forever.  The ring shines in the foreground and many of the shots here are a reminder of why Jackson is such an exciting and entertaining director.

So it's just a year we've got to wait for this one then.  With this, The Dark Knight Rises trailer and the Prometheus trailer tomorrow, 2012 is shaping up extremely well from the look of the blockbusters.


  1. I don't like watching trailers ... but this film truly sounds intriguing

  2. Although the beginning of this trailer is good, I found it a little boring ..... I expect to be flamed down for saying that!

  3. @Sam I love trailers! They play to my eternal optimism about upcoming films!

    @Scott I am shocked! Boring? I can see why many might find the LOTR films boring but this trailer? Surely not. It's setting the tone real nice. But splitting the book into two films... well I hope that doesn't lead to any boring padding!

  4. Love your title for this post! Too funny.

    I'm SO excited about this film coming out (even though we have to wait until December!). I'm still a big LOTR fan, and I've been hearing good things all around. I think Martin Freeman is going to be an excellent Bilbo, and I love how we don't get a glimpse of the ring until the end.

  5. @Kristin Thanks! Yeah I agree Freeman will be great and that's a brilliant tease at the end! Thanks for reading!


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