Monday, 26 December 2011

2011 List #2: Horror

I watched 32 horror films (first viewing) this year.  I re-watched many others but those are not included here.  Many of this list were watched as part of my research for my PhD.  Many were just watched becuase I love a bit of horror.  Like my list of best documentaries I watched this year, this list does not just consider films released in 2011, but just those films I watched this year and had not seen before. 

As with most years, I've seen some sick shit on screen.  People being stitched ass to mouth... check!  A tyre blowing it's victims heads up... check.  And as for A Serbian Film... well I'm not even going to discuss the non-stop waterfall of vicious, disgusting, sick and twisted shit that showered over me while watching that.

So anyway, on that note... Merry Christmas for yesterday merry readers!

5 stars

  1. Rubber 

 4 stars

  1. Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale 
  2. Lake Mungo
  3. The Horde
  4. The Thing
  5. Frankenstein
  6. Let Me In

3.5 stars

  1. Insidious
  2. Resurrecting the Street Walker
  3. The Human Centipede - First Sequence
  4. The Collector
  5. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil
  6. The Last Horror Movie
  7. Stake Land

3 stars

  1. Man Bites Dog 
  2. Paranormal Entity
  3. Re-Cut - Blu-ray
  4. Home Movies
  5. Paranormal Activity 3
  6. The Last Exorcism
  7. Exhibit A
  8. F

2.5 stars

  1. Saw VII - The Final Chapter 
  2. Colin
  3. A Serbian Film
  4. Atrocious
  5. World of the Dead - The Zombie Diaries 2
  6. The Fourth Kind - Blu-ray

2 stars

  1. The Collingswood Story 
  2. Snuff Movie
  3. Baghead

1 star

  1. The Silent House (La Casa Muda)