Monday, 23 January 2012

Crazy for another Blue Valentine

Lost love.  Relationships cracked, shattered, torn apart.  Another realistic Blue Valentine type love story/misery-fest coming up.  A great cast, this time tragically seperated, emote their way through a soppy-song-filled trailer.  It also looks a bit like One Day but we can't hold that against it yet.  Throw in a hint of 500 Days of Summer but without the mood-lightening laughs and you've got Like Crazy.  It's out in the UK on Friday and I'm off to see it now!


  1. I missed this one when it was playing in my neck of the woods, but I was really excited for it. I love Anton Yelchin. Let me know how it was.

  2. I think I may give this a miss. I am not the best at watching this type of film, I am a blubbering mess generally!! Blue Valentine nearly killed me. I haven't cried as much as that for ages!!

  3. @OMFBC Pretty good, I wouldn't say exceptional though there are many very nice stylistic moments in the film and great little details about relationships that feel very real.

    @Matt Thanks Matt, I did like it, very indie, not to everyones taste but satisfying enough

    @Scott Wierdly I was left quite unmoved by both BV and this. There's the odd moment in this... Jennifer Lawrence gets to break hearts in one scene but otherwise for some reason I'm mainly suckered into crying at ridiculous things like Marley and Me and Armageddon!


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