Saturday, 14 January 2012

Harry Potter and the grateful it's all over!

Finally, as the franchise closes, Radcliffe becomes quite a good actor.  He carries the burden of the final film and never fumbles the performance like in so many of this film's predecessors. 

The story is still a bit of a jumbled mess from the point of view of someone who has not read the books but at least all the recognisable characters are back for the, pretty impressive at times, Battle of Hogwarts.


Voldemort, despite a fine perfomance from Fiennes is still just not scary or evil enough to match the truly great villains of fantasy cinema.  He looks the part but the character fails to have the full impact he should.

It's great to see actors of Rickman and Fiennes' calibre sharing the screen but now the franchise is finished, I only hope that all this talent can be put to better use.

I don't wish for all the hours I spent watching these back but I do wish the money lavished on the budgets could have been spent on more interesting and better-written projects.  Potter fans will no doubt love the climax, the showdowns, the romance, the deaths but the rest of us will probably just remain a little baffled by the mind-blowing popularity of it all.


  1. You know what? I am not a potter fan. Which I guess in this day and age is a bit weird.

    As my Daughters get older I may have to re-visit them. Hopefully I will get more then

  2. Even better, hopefully there will be a new and better franchise like The Hunger Games along to watch with them!

  3. As you know I'm a biggest Harry Potter fan..always watching the first show in the first day of the release...I'll love the series till I get old and die...However I'm starting to get crazy in love with the song of ice and fire series(Games of thrones)...I have to agree that the films are confusing if you havent read the novels and I get your point of view on the series..for instance take the last film when Alan rickman(snape) dies..for someone who havent read the book ,the scene seems to be just a traitor/teacher/man, dying brutally..but for those who had read the books,they knew snape real sacrifice and would be crying when the scene was going on,the audience would only later find out through the flashbacks snapes sacrifice which is like 15 minutes after that powerful scene,which doesnt leave an powerful impact to those who havent read the novels as it left for those who already knew what's gonna happen..That's where i feel the filmakers had done wrong,they were too loyal to the fans and forgetting about those who havent read the books ...I also hated the fact the steve kloves tried to create sexual tension between harry hermione(i'm not a shipper) because from the first i never felt they were very like siblings..even J.K Rowling looked disgusted when she was asked about harry /hermione way before the release of the last novel...Lastly I do think Hunger Games will surpassed Twillight in quality and fanbase

  4. @Franklin I think I'm a bit hard on the Potter series. I was too old to get into it when it started so I was never really the target audience. Definitely want to give Game of Thrones a go. And I actually thought Snape was the best thing about the series, especially that reveal in the final film!

  5. I grew to love the Harry Potter films but I was a bit disappointed with the choice to release the final book in two parts. It may have been a financial decision but I'm not sure it aided the concluding adventure.

  6. @Dan I quite like the Dethly Hallows, I didn't think it was badly paced considering the split but I've no doubt it was motivated by money!


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