Monday, 14 May 2012

My Movie Influence: Fight Club @Inspired Ground

Today I have completed my very first ever guest post on another blog.  The amazing Andina at Inspired Ground invited me to take part by sharing a post on a film that has most influenced me.  What else could I choose but the greatest film of all time... Fight Club!

Here's the idea behind the series:

'Many people have their own movies they think highly, praised and probably started seeing things differently after watching them. Many times I’ve shared mine and I always wanted to know what others have. So I asked other people which movie they think to have the best influence on them.'

And here is the link.  Please head on over to Inspired Ground to check it out!

Massive thanks to Andina for asking me to take part!  I hope you enjoy the post!


  1. Thanks for the linkage, Pete! And also, it's an interesting piece :D

  2. Woo hoo! Two of my fave bloggers collaborating, awesome!

  3. Wonderful piece on Fight Club you wrote! Here's a link to my (old) review, for a rainy day:

  4. Sweet, thanks Chris, will take a look!


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