Monday, 24 September 2012

Blu-Ray Review – Attack of the Werewolves

 Feel pity for the low budget horror comedy. Not only does it have to be scary, but it also has to make you laugh and let’s face it, it’s not easy to do either. Evil Dead 2 nailed it where many others have failed. Shaun of the Dead hits the funny bone and has a nice bit of gore but doesn’t try to scare you. An American Werewolf in London balances mirth with mayhem like a professional but in general, horror comedies tread a too thin line between making us feel fear and making us chuckle; one is just bound to cancel the other out.

Following successful efforts of the last few years such as Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Rubber and The Cabin in the Woods, comes a Spanish entry into the comedy horror hybrid genre. Re-titled from the original Lobos de Arga into Game of Werewolves (why?) and then finally to Attack of the Werewolves (does what is says on the tin), this film is almost as confused as the people tasked with giving it an English title.

Terribly sorry if you're tired of reading this but please read the full review of Attack of the Werewolves at Filmoria. 

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