Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pacino and Walken Old but Still Standing

Forget Heat’s Pacino and De Niro face to face over a coffee.  Could there be a more exciting prospect than Al Pacino VS Christopher Walken?  This should be one of the best shouting matches you’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately there looks to be less shouting and more talking, driving and a bit of shooting from what we can see so far of Stand Up Guys in the brand new trailer.

Still, it looks promising with Pacino and Walken as a couple of aging con-men who look set to square off after getting their old pals together for the ever-so-reliable ‘one last job’. 

But just imagine the fireworks that would have ensued if Pacino and Walken had a face-off in their prime.  The King of New York Vs Michael Corleone.  If only these two had got together before they got, let’s face it, a bit old. 

As it is, the pair look a little passed it but thanks to the fast cars, a slick bit of humour and the very welcome Alan Arkin, this could potentially still be one to stand up and shout about.  The trio of elderly Oscar winners are directed by Fisher Stevens (Ben from Short Circuit 1 and 2!) and joined by Julianna Margulies (TV’s ER and The Good Wife) and Vanessa Ferlito (Death Proof) in supporting roles.

The trailer comes courtesy of Yahoo Movies but there is no word as yet on a UK release date.

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