Friday, 30 November 2012

Sightseers (Ben Wheatley, 2012) Review

I'm super excited to announce that not only are Static Mass Emporium featuring three of my articles today, I also found out I just won a competition to have my Sightseers review posted on the Picturehouse Cinema blog. They are also sending me a poster of the film too which will go nicely on my office wall and always remind me to be cautious of people who travel with caravans.

Ben Wheatley's British serial killer comedy Sightseers is certainly one of the must-see British films of the year and you can see why in both my short review at Picturehouse Cinema's blog and also in my full review over at Static Mass Emporium. It may not be the best film that is out in cinemas this weekend, but it's still bloody silly a bit grim but also bloody funny too!

This is what editor Patrick wrote about me and my articles in the Static Mass daily digest newsletter today:

'It’s a Pete Turner day today on Static Mass as we have three articles written by the film and media lecturer who’s also currently working on a PhD.

[First] we have his review of Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers. “Following divisive hit-men horror Kill List, Ben Wheatley creates another genre straddling British film, this time producing shocks but also guffaws in equal measure. Sightseers has comically quirky killer characters and a very sick sense of humour, producing plenty of guilty laughs.”

I'd like to thank Patrick for having me at Static Mass Emporium, Picturehouse Cinemas for deeming me to be the winner of the review competition and finally the E4 Slackers Club for putting on a free movie every month for us students to go and see.

I hope Sightseers manages to find an audience within and outside of the UK and look forward to seeing what Ben Wheatley has in store for us next.

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