Wednesday, 13 March 2013

First Stars on a Film Poster: Rebellion

I've just learned that my four star review for Filmoria is being used on the poster for Mathieu Kassovitz's Rebellion. It's not a big beautiful quote or snippet of my review but the four stars are definitely up there on the poster with Filmoria written proudly beneath them.

Filmoria have had a lot of exposure through film posters and trailers over the last year with our stars popping up on the Sightseers poster and even a quote from Chris Haydon's review being used in the Rust and Bone trailer.

I wish I could say that this was all down to my wonderful reviewing skills but of course this is more to do with the increasing profile of Filmoria which must be becoming a more and more recognizable name and can therefore feature on posters alongside Time Out, Cinevue and Empire magazine.

It’s a great, great honour to not only be writing for Filmoria but also to get my first stars on the poster for a film I am so very happy to be recommending. Rebellion is from the French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz whose La Haine I have banged on about endlessly on this blog and ever since I first saw it back in 1996.

Rebellion isn’t out until April 19th so my review will be online at Filmoria from around April 12th. I hope you might be tempted to go check it out! My editors at Filmoria are also in talks to get an interview with the man Mathieu Kassovitz himself which I have been offered if it happens and I am available when it gets scheduled.

Needless to say if this interview happens, I’m going to, for want of better words, slightly lose my shit. Not only will I get to meet the director of one of my top three films of all time but I’ll also get to question him all about Rebellion and hopefully manage to throw at least one question in about La Haine.

Please cross your fingers that I get to interview Kassovitz! I'll owe you one if I do!

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