Wednesday, 30 December 2015

TV in 2015: Toast of London, Community, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and more!

I've watched a hell of a lot of TV this year, especially for me! Getting Neflix might have something to do with it. Here's what I watched:

Utopia Series 1
This could and should have been brilliant. Stylish and violent, but fell a little short of what I was hoping for.

Toast of London Series 1, 2, 3
Surreal and silly, frequently juvenile sitcom starring Matt Berry. The best bits are always in the booth.

Green Wing Series 1 and 2
Re-watched this sitcom set in a hospital. Another surreal one. Still don't get why Mark Heap isn't a huge star.

House of Cards Series 1
This is a bloody slog. A bit too mature for me. That is until people start getting murdered. Then it see-saws into becoming too far-fetched. Picky bastard aren't I? Well, they're all bastards in the show as well. Drive me fucking nuts.

The Office Series 1-7
Had a go at the American version, despite not wanting to tarnish my memories of Ricky Gervais' Slough-set original. It's decent. But it's made me go back to the original again. Very difficult to decide if Dwight or Gareth is the better creation. I love them both so damn much. The worst thing about this is that just as I was getting close to finishing the entire show, Netflix removed it.

Better Call Saul Series 1

Not Breaking Bad. Fun enough, but I don't think this is ever going to get close to its big brother.

Community Series 1-5

Or the Amazing Adventures of Abed. Can't believe they span this out to five seasons. I raced through them. Sometimes it was very easy to switch off while watching. Whole episodes would go by and I'd feel as though I had seen nothing. But then other episodes were so full of creativity, imagination and excitement, that it makes the show all worthwhile. Was gutted when Troy left though.

Game of Thrones Series 5

A bit frustrating. Lots of changes from the book that felt unnecessary. I wish they would just slow down and draw this out. Allow George to get his books written so we can enjoy them first. And why the fuck have we not got a little lady named Stoneheart yet? Seriously? Why change that? Why?

The Walking Dead Series 6
Good so far. Alexandria has been action-packed and the whole Glenn thing was awesome. Also, Morgan's episode of backstory was brilliant. Excuse me while I go and sign up to an Aikido class.

This is England 90

Without doubt, my favourite TV show of the year. Such a brilliant end to a brilliant saga. Tragic, yet also hopeful and incredibly bittersweet. The best performances and direction of the year. I've just got the 86-90 boxset for Christmas so I'll be putting myself through it all again. Shane Meadows and his wonderful cast nailed it. I will miss these characters, but this is the way it has to end. As much as I'd love to see them return, This is England 90 was the perfect send-off.

What did you watch? Any recommendations for me this year?

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