Monday, 7 March 2011

Great Scott!

Just finished re-watching the Back to the Future trilogy on DVD. Reminded how absolutely brilliant the first film is. The screenplay is so well crafted and the complications build and build right up to the climax which is still nail-bitingly tense even after watching it so many times. Marty and the Doc have got to be one of the great buddy-pairings of cinema or at least 80s blockbuster cinema when everyone was making 'buddy' movies. And it's a film that sets up a sequel in a totally not annoying way but the rest of the film itself still feels like a complete story (like The Matrix also does). 

Two was slightly disaappointing after all these years of it being my favourite of the trilogy. Still very clever (with the alternate 1985 and discussion of continuums) and love going back into the first film but this time it just kept reminding me of how perfect its predecessor is. 

As for part three, it's never been anybodys favourite as far as I'm aware but the train sequence at the end almost equals the clocktower climax of the first film for nail-biting thrills. Just don't mention the lessons learned and flying train ending.

The whole trilogy should be celebrated for so many reasons; Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd's awesome performances, Robert Zemeckis pushing the technology of cinema forwards (and not forgetting his great characters), not ruining the childhood memories of so many by cashing in with a far inferior fouth film, Crispin Glover and last but not least Thomas F. Wilson as Biff who is a hysterical panto villain throughout. 

It's also got me wondering: Are these the greatest films featuring time travel ever?


  1. I think films like Twelve Monkey (le jetee), Primer and Donnie Darko should also be in with a shout for that title. Let see what Source Code is like as well the trailer make it look like it could be good. Just to add to the debate.

  2. Wow good call- all quality films. For me, Primer and 12 Monkeys particularly! I'd also have to say Terminator 1 and 2.


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