Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

Another found footage/diegetic camera film released in 2010. Beginning with ominous titles that reference the studio that made the film and insisting on its 'authenticity' ('Paramount wishes to thank the families of the deceased and the police department'), Paranormal Activity 2 uses security camera footage and the domestic camcorder to create its demonic scares.

Similar to other found footage movies, the characters in the film often hold the camera, there is no non-diegetic soundtrack and the camera's night vision function comes incredibly handy to the characters at some point in the film.

There are jumpcuts to speed things along and as in the first Paranormal Activity, the footage is occasionally speeded up to get to the shock scares. And a couple of these moments should startle even the most hardened horror fans.

Micah from the original Paranormal Activity pops up in some scenes to acknowledge the camera and proclaim 'I'm definitely getting one of those' and the end of this sequel is very cleverly wrapped up with the climax of its predecessor.

Worth a watch if you like these sort of films but if you don't then this one isn't going to convert you into a fan. Better than the first film?

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