Friday, 18 January 2013

Denzel Washington on the Flight Red Carpet

I'm not really sure how much I'm ok to say here so I'm just going to let you know that last night I was on the red carpet reporting on the UK premiere of Flight for Filmoria. I got to speak to Denzel Washington, director Robert Zemeckis and two of the producers as well as having a brief chat with Adam Deacon from all those British 'hood' movies. I also got to meet the From the Red Carpet guy Craig Stevens who used to present Brain Teaser, a daily quiz show I loved back in my student days!

Anyway for now, here's some pictures from the red carpet. There were some other non-film celebrities but I'm afraid I have no idea who they were. The picture quality is terrible due to the only camera I own being on my crappy Blackberry. Sorry!

My full premiere red carpet report is here at Filmoria with proper professional pictures, maybe some video and lots of interviews with the stars including Washington and Zemeckis! My review of the film will also be up at Filmoria soon.

Happy Denzel
Thoughtful Denzel
Lovely Jamelia
Bob Zemeckis and Denzel in background
From L-R: Denzel, Zemeckis, producers Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey
Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea
No idea who this is
The red carpet before take off

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