Monday, 20 May 2013

Fast and Furious 6 Review

Fast and Furious 6 is not the best of the series but it does what the franchise is known for very well; crashing, smashing, jumping, racing and chasing cars. It also adds in a great deal of excellent hand to hand and gun toting combat to the mix with some real punch present in the fight scenes.

Fast and Furious 6 continues the supposedly developing mythology of the franchise with the crew all living off their millions in a sunny paradise but banished from the USA for their previous crimes. When pictures of Dom's lost love Letty emerge, Agent Hobbs gets the crew to help him out in taking out a baddie and getting their missing 'family' member back.

The set up is so brusquely taken care of that there is barely a moment for you to take in exactly how ridiculous it all is. The exposition in the early scenes is painfully delivered and the cast keep such worryingly straight faces, that you wonder if the whole film is going to be this serious. The word 'family' is forced down your throat many times to make you really remember what all these ridiculous later actions scenes are all about. The sentiment does not stop there with family values permeating the representation of the characters at every turn. Wives are meant to stay at home and look after babies, only to become damsels in distress when needed and the whole film even finishes with a lovely scene of a 'family' dinner complete with saying grace before eating.

It's not like you watch a Fast and Furious movie much for the characters or to deeply consider the representation of women though. The action is where it's at and most of it is stunning. There are some jaw dropping set pieces and for the most part, not too much CG augmentation. Some moments stretch belief way beyond the realms of possibility (but at least provide one OMG moment in the trailer) but on the whole the action is well choreographed and occasionally spectacular. And that is what we came for.

The problems lie with the straight faced cheesy dialogue and the attempts to get deeper into the relationships of these characters. It's a shame as Fast and Furious 6 could be fun and funnier if it just dropped the extra baggage.

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