Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Movie watching and writing in April 2013

I watched 16 films this month but write the most amount of posts I've ever written in one month. It was also the second biggest month for page views in the history of I Love That Film with over 16,500 views in April. Anyway that's enough statistical excitement and here's what I watched this last month along with a rating I've just decided on right now. Click any of the title to be magically transported to my reviews wherever they may be:

Evil Dead (8/10)
Spring Breakers (8/10)
The Lost Coast Tapes (5/10)
Olympus Has Fallen (8/10)
The Gatekeepers (8/10)
Excision (7/10)
Iron Man 3 (8/10)
Rock of Ages (2/10) (There was very little 'rock' about it and it took ages to finish)
Bait (5/10)
The Look of Love (7/10)
Bernie (7/10)
Everybody Has a Plan (7/10) (I will be reviewing this for Static Mass Emporium in May)
21 & Over (6/10)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (9/10) Just brilliant in every way. Absolutely heartbreaking.
Side by Side (9/10)
Sound City (7/10)

My The Lords of Salem  and Rebellion reviews were also published at Filmoria.

I covered news of a couple of new posters at Filmoria: the new World War Z poster and the new Made of Stone poster.

I also got to meet and interview one of my favourite filmmakers Mathieu Kassovitz for Filmoria.

I wrote a couple of box office reports for Tastic Film: Week of Magical Action and The Scare Off.

I also had my first articles for Yahoo Movies published about the Fast and Furious 7 director shortlist, James Wan getting the job and why I'd like to see Zack Snyder direct Justice League. I also wrote pieces for Yahoo on cheating in sports, marathon training, the death of Thatcher and cold caller chuminess.

This month I've also just started writing for Starburst Magazine and they have published a horrible little short story I wrote called Woman on the Wind and some news stories on Byzantium poster and trailer, Star Trek Into Darkness character posters and Michael Bay on Ninja Turtles and Transformers 4. I also reviewed the book The Art of Epic. Hopefully another of my short stories is going in the print edition of the magazine soon!

It's been a hectic but very exciting month! A couple of my college students have also started to write about and review films on their own blogs so I'm really happy to be helping them and hopefully inspiring them a bit too.

I've watched 66 new to me films this year so far and Beasts of the Southern Wild is certainly one of the absolute best. I cannot believe they gave the Oscar to Jennifer Lawrence over Quvenzhané Wallis. She was incredible. No offense to JLaw who I also like very much.

I'm now going to have to re-think my best of 2012 list after seeing both Beasts of the Southern Wild and Side by Side which would both make my top 10.

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