Thursday, 9 May 2013

UK Cinema Releases this Weekend: What will you be seeing?

It's finally Friday and the weekend begins before you know it! If you want to hear me talking about the films that open this weekend in cinemas, then tune in to either Amazing Radio soon after midday or Marlow FM very soon after 5pm.

This week there are four releases I'm discussing. The first is the big one for the week; Star Trek Into Darkness. With the beloved Benedict Cumberbatch joining the cast, this one is bound to do even better than its predecessor, JJ Abrams' 2009 reboot. Personally having never been a fan of Star Trek, I'm absolutely loving what Abrams has done with this franchise and looking forward to seeing what he does with the other little science fiction series now.

Mud starring Matthew Mcconaughey as a fugitive hiding out on a Mississippi islet looks less bombastic than Star Trek but equally interesting. Promising a grittier performance from Reese Witherspoon (as Muds' sweetheart) than usual and from Jeff Nichols the director who gave us Take Shelter, this should be a gripping coming of age story as two young boys find and befriend Mcconaughey's fugitive.

Both the other releases for the week are world cinema options and as a result are frustratingly difficult to find in any cinemas near me personally. Our Children is the story of a couple who fall in love, get married, continually pop out kids and then crushing depression takes hold of the wife and it all spirals into absolute despair and tragedy from there. Probably not ideal Friday night, popcorn munching fare but still worth a watch. I reviewed Our Children here.

The next option is only slightly less depressing but a far easier watch than Our Children at least. A Hijacking is the story of a Danish ship that is boarded by Somali pirates and the crew are taken hostage for a long and arduous negotiation process while the pirates demand a ransom. It's got some of the stars of The Killing and Borgen and is fantastic. I reviewed A Hijacking here.

Fancy any of these? What will you be watching this weekend? Remember to tune in and have a listen to the radio shows to here more about these film releases.

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