Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Fast and Furious 7 articles at Yahoo Movies

In my continuing quest to be the go-to guy for Fast and Furious movie news at Yahoo Movies, I have written another couple of articles inspired by my extensive trawling through the land of the interweb. Yesterday I came across the stories that the casting agent is looking at Bollywood actresses and also that an unnamed big blockbuster movie seems to be setting up camp in a very interesting location with lots of cars and stuff being brought to the peak of a wicked looking mountain!

None of this news is concrete at this stage but I hope that it excites Fast and Furious fans nonetheless. Yahoo have also asked me to include a little bio at the bottom of my stories about how much I love the franchise. I can't lie. I'm not the BIGGEST fan so check out my bio at the bottom of the stories and I hope it might make you chuckle.

I recently also had a feature published on the best stunts in the franchise so please feel free to take a peek at that article too. Every time you visit these pages, my bank balance goes up by a couple of pennies so I appreciate you taking the time to check out any of the stories I write for Yahoo.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more Fast and Furious 7 news and features on the fast car franchise.

Pikes Peak set for dizzying action scenes in Fast and Furious 7?

Will Fast and Furious 7 get a taste of Bollywood?

Fast and Furious: The fastest most furious stunts of the franchise

 What do you think of these bits of news and the feature? Anything excite you?

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