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We're the Millers Review

There is a fine line between characters that are funny and characters that are just plain selfish, obnoxious or stupid. We're the Millers treads the fine line deftly with some scummy characters that never stray far from sweet and endearing despite what they are up to. Identity Thief is an example of a recent film that had a character that was just too damn hard to warm to and therefore even the hilarious Melissa McCarthy couldn't make her funny.

We're the Millers has a rag tag group of misfits come together to pretend to be a normal nuclear family in order to smuggle a tonne of dope over the Mexican-American border. There is selfish small time weed dealer David (Jason Sudeikis), stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), homeless runaway teen Casey (Emma Roberts) and sweet and innocent virgin Kenny (Will Poulter). David assembles his makeshift 'family' to help him shift the pot over the border as he thinks a happy family in an RV will not arouse as much suspicion in the eyes of border patrol as if he tried to do it himself. But these four make for less than a simple happy family and crossing the border is the least of their problems when they realise a pissed off drug lord is on their tail.

We're the Millers is a riotous road trip that might be lacking in surprises but makes up for this with some laugh out loud moments that are rude, occasionally raunchy and frequently uncomfortable. It is a measure of the kind of comedy in this film that the funniest moment in the film plays on what could be perceived as incestuous snogging between a boy and his Mum and his sister. If that doesn't sound like you're kind of humour then best to avoid We're the Millers.

Both the script and performances keep things zippy and appealing even if the characters should occasionally be appalling. Jason Sudeikis is eminently likeable despite the selfish character, Aniston is still a gifted comedienne (and looks stunning in her underwear!), Roberts reveals layers beneath the hard exterior of Casey and Will Poulter while only getting a fairly one note character proves that he has comic timing, can do an American accent and is destined to be a very big star one day soon.

We're the Millers may not break boundaries in its border crossing but it is a road trip fueled by excellent comedic performances and a few side splitting scenes; a comedy about a family that is definitely not suitable for the whole family.

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