Monday, 30 September 2013

September 2013 Movie Reviews and Round Up

September has been another busy month and with much less movie watching than I'd have liked. However the reason for this is that I have been trying to catch up with Dexter before the show finished (fail) and keeping up with Breaking Bad (win) so no one can spoil it for me when it also comes to its climax.

I've still got an entire series of Dexter to go but will be watching the final episode of Breaking Bad soon after all the AMC viewers sometime tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how this ends though I'm not sure it can beat some of the recent episodes we've been treated to. Still it's great to see the show go out on an incredible high as I have heard not a lot good about the final series of Dexter.

Once those two are finished I will be catching up with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and then I can get back to some serious movie viewing. As for this month, I watched a grand total of 8 films. Please feel free to click the titles to check out my reviews:

More Than Honey


The Call

No One Lives


How I Live Now

Machete Kills (Review coming soon at Filmoria)

Sunshine On Leith (I also got to attend the premiere of this and meet director Dexter Fletcher, star Kevin Guthrie and attendees Jonathan Ross and David Tennant. My interviews with these guys should be up at Tastic Film very soon.

And because I love a milestone, here's a few interesting stats that have made me very happy this month:

I Love That Film made it to 250,000 views!

Also my articles for Yahoo surpassed the 300,000 view mark as well this month.

For the first time ever, I Love That Film received over 20,000 views in one month. So September 2013 is officially the biggest month of this blog ever. Let's hope those number remain consistent now forevermore.

Other stuff I posted this month includes:
Best film of the month: Filth

Worst film of the month: More Than Honey

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