Saturday, 7 December 2013

More Walking Dead Season 4 News and Reviews

The Walking Dead climaxed this week with episode 8 of the fourth season. That means fans have to wait till February for more walker action and to find out what happens next. Here are my reviews of the season so far:

The Walking Dead: A sickness is spreading (Episode 1 Review)
The Walking Dead: A virus in the cells (Episode 2 Review)
The Walking Dead: Bring Out Your Dead (Episode 3 Review)
The Walking Dead: What comes next for Carol the killer? (Episode 4 Review)
The Walking Dead: Walkers breach the fences (Episode 5 Review)

The final few episodes of the season brought The Governor right back into the action and led to a stunning conclusion with all hell breaking loose at the prison. I really liked that our heroes had finally found a decent home but now it looks like it will be time to move on. The possibilities for the rest of the season will be endless and I am very excited to see where it is heading now. Here are the rest of the reviews of the first half of season 4 and also one news story I wrote for Yahoo.

Frank Darabont on what went wrong with The Walking Dead
It has been a long time coming but Frank Darabont, director of the pilot episode of 'The Walking Dead' has finally spoken out on what occurred and why he had to leave the show, despite finding it devastating to move on.
The Walking Dead recap: Live Bait
This is my review of episode 6. After five episodes of wondering where the big bad wolf has been lurking, The Governor finally returns in an episode entirely devoted to filling in his absence from season four so far.

The Walking Dead recap: Your move 'Brian'

This is my review of episode 7. In the latest episode of 'The Walking Dead', the pieces are moving into place. There are knights and pawns and one Governor who does not know exactly where he fits but is determined to be the last piece standing on the board.

The Walking Dead recap: Prison break 
This is my review of episode 8. It was a truly explosive episode of 'The Walking Dead' this week so do not read this review until after you have watched 'Too Far Gone', the final instalment in the first half of season four.

Where do you think The Walking Dead will go from here?

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