Monday, 30 December 2013

Top Documentaries of 2013

I watched 8 documentaries this year, all of which were released in 2013 in the UK. A couple of these are likely to end up in my top 20 films of the year when I finally get round to making that list. First I have to get through my list of shame and then I'll get on to making a top 20 for 2013. Here's my list of world cinema films I watched this year as well and here is a rundown of all the TV I also watched this year.

8. More than Honey

'Despite the attention to details, presentation of facts and such an intriguing question at the heart of the premise, More Than Honey is less than thrilling. The future of beekeeping is briefly considered but by the end, you may find that you have heard more than enough.'

7. When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun

 'When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun gives the sobering facts with little fanfare and pieces together a chronology of resistance leading up to the Beijing Olympics while giving a voice to those who too often remain unheard.'
I also interviewed the director Dirk Simon for Filmoria which you can read here. 

6. How to Survive a Plague

 'How to Survive a Plague is a testament to the incredible bravery, impressive organisation and inspiring action of those at the frontline in the fight against AIDS'
5. The Gatekeepers

'The Gatekeepers is a riveting exploration of men with unnatural and terrifying amounts of power. Their actions in the past are often inexcusable, but by the end, their thoughts and their argument will have you hanging on their every word. The Gatekeepers is an extremely important piece of film; its message and conclusion should be heard by those in positions of power all over the world.'

4. Utopia

'Utopia has a powerful message to share and deserves to be seen in every Australian school and by everyone blinded by the sunny delights of Neighbours and Home and Away.'

3. Sound City 

'Sound City details the history of the studio before Dave Grohl collects together an array of musicians to record an album on the old Sound City production board.'

2. Desert Runners

'Desert Runners is a near perfect documentary, capturing the wonder of the human spirit and letting the audience into a world most of us would never dream of becoming a part of. Most importantly it makes us care for characters that could have been hard to connect with. You might not go running with them, but you won’t forget them.'

1. Side by Side

'Side By Side is much more than a documentary about the differences between film and digital. It is a chance to see some of the best directors in the film business discussing their craft and an incredibly important historical document for film buffs. If the end of film is nigh, then Side by Side is a brilliantly fitting swansong to a medium that has made us all fall so deeply in love with the movies.'

What were your favourite documentaries of 2013 or that you saw this year?

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