Thursday, 9 January 2014

300,000 plus 800,000 page views

In March 2014, I will have been blogging at I Love That Film for 5 years. 5 YEARS!!! I can't actually believe that but it's true. It changed my life starting this blog, no exaggeration. It set me on the course that I have been determined to follow ever since. I want to write about film and TV for a living and I'm now well on my way to doing just that. It has given me way more confidence in going after a career in film journalism and helped to open doors for me around the web on bigger and better websites like Filmoria, Static Mass Emporium, Tastic Film and Starburst Magazine.

I can't let this blog go as I love keeping it going even though it has only just hit 300,000 views after nearly 5 years. I could probably contribute much more to various other websites and have lots more people read my writing but I built this blog and I love watching it grow. I also love being part of the incredibly talented, dedicated and knowledgeable blogging community that is out there. I used to think I was kind of alone in my film obsession but now I realise this is far from the case. I'm constantly astounded by other bloggers' commitment and passion for film.

More and more, this blog is becoming a place for me to link to my other writing around the web and I'm sure there may come a day when I will have to stop but for now I want to celebrate this little milestone. I hope that my frequent readers will continue to stick with me for some years to come. Thank you for dropping by and leaving comments... you know who you are!

Over night, this blog I have worked so hard on reached 300,000 views after nearly 5 years of writing. Depressingly or brilliantly (depending on how you look at it), my writing at Yahoo also hit a landmark yesterday when my articles totaled to over 800,000 views. Considering I became a contributor a year ago, this is slightly sad when you compare it to my blog but on the other hand, it is great to be reaching such a huge audience. That means all in all over a million people have looked at my articles and I like to think that with all my other writing around the web, perhaps the total is closer to 2 million!

Anyway, enough navel gazing and back to some real work! Thank you so much to anyone who reads this or who has ever commented or dropped by or read any of my stuff. To infinity and beyond!

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