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Best British Films of 2013

I saw nearly 20 British films in 2013, many of them of an excellent quality. I love a bit of homegrown cinema and wish more of our talent felt that they could stay in the UK and make the films they want to make. It seems that the Brits pretty much rule Hollywood anyway but imagine if all our stars, directors and all the rest of the talent that bugger off to Hollywood continued to make films for the British industry, I'm damn sure we could rival the American industry.

Superman, Spiderman and the last Batman were all British. Harry Potter was British. Why isn't the British industry as wealthy as Hollywood? Well that's a debate for another time. But thankfully because there isn't as much ludicrous amounts of money flying around, we get to make some gritty and challenging films that often reflect the ugliness and occasionally the beauty of this fair isle.

Sometimes we want to make crowd pleasers and sometimes it seems our directors are actively trying to put people off from seeing their films. I think my top 10 of the year shows a very healthy and diverse British film industry at work.

The only films that I suspect I should have seen before making this list are: The Selfish Giant, Philomena and About Time.

The films that nearly made this list include: Summer in February, Song For Marion and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

And now on to the main event. If I have reviewed the film, then please click the title to be magically transported! Here is my top 10 British films of 2013:

10. The Look of Love 

'The Look of Love is the rise and fall of an exploitative entrepreneur. Raymond may not be overly likeable but his relationship with his daughter can be touching and provides evidence of a misguided heart beneath the brash exterior perfectly played by Coogan.'

9. Trance 

'Trance may not have the propulsion or the life affirming joy of Danny Boyle’s greatest films, but as a modern noir and an intriguing psychological maze of a film, it leaves most recent thrillers as distant fading memories.'

8. Sunshine On Leith 

'If nothing else Sunshine on Leith should have you singing along to many of the tunes and confirms Dexter Fletcher as a diverse director to watch. It is a sunny delight!'

7. In Fear 

'In Fear is simplicity itself for much of its running time before running out of gas and resorting to conventional psycho killer thrills by the final scenes. The story may lack much that is new but the execution is brutally efficient.'

6. The Liability 

'The Liability comes loaded with two smoking barrels worth of humour and warmth. While it does not match the very best of British, it is a sharp shooting hitman thriller nonetheless.'

5. I Give it a Year 

'Taking awkward comedy to new levels of cringe worthiness, I Give It A Year will make you squirm in your seat more than a Saw film. Give it ninety minutes of your life.'

4. How I Live Now 

 'Adapted from the novel by Meg Rosoff, it really treats its audience as adults containing mild incest, plenty of swearing, a dash of sex and some shocking moments of violence. It is admirable for not toning down the brutality of war (hello Hunger Games) or the language and lust of its protagonists (goodbye Twilight).'


'With a sensational soundtrack and putrid performance from McAvoy, Filth is far more fun than it should be. Wallow in it…'

2. Broken 

'Broken is at its best with its wonderful characters and their beautifully observed relationships. The film is filled with outstanding performances that will make audiences smile, laugh and maybe even cry. There are minor issues but nothing in urgent need of repair and Broken will likely be fixed in your mind long after the credits roll.'

1.The World's End

 'The World’s End is like a perfectly poured pint. Golden, bubbly and with an excellent head on it; it tastes so good, you hope that there will be more flavours to the so-called Cornetto trilogy. Instantly quotable and with some of the best profanity ever written, The World’s End is a great way to spend your last night on Earth.'

What were your favourite British films of 2013?

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