Saturday, 8 June 2013

Message from Side By Side Producer

On the plus side, after having Game of Thrones spoiled for me, I also on the same day received this lovely message from the producer of the fantastic documentary Side By Side which I reviewed for Filmoria here and also compared to the documentary Sound City here. The producer is Justin Szasla and he sent me an email saying exactly this:

Hi Peter--I am the producer of the doc SIDE BY SIDE and I just happened to read your DVD review today. Thanks for writing such an intelligent, conscientious and thoughtful piece. -Justin Szlasa

How cool is that? Firstly to think that he stumbled upon my review at Filmoria and secondly that he would take a moment to say such a kind thing. What a gentleman! 

It's only the second time I've had a filmmaker contact me about a review and the first time was less pleasant. Once upon a time Jonathan Newman, the director of a film called Foster, tweeted to me saying my review was "interesting". It was a (generous) two star review and I said back to him that I wished I could put in every review 'but at least this guy got a film made which is an incredible achievement' but I thought people would get bored of reading that.

Anyway now I'm on a roll there was also the time one of the stars of My Brother the Devil tweeted this:

And the time Matt Reeves director of Cloverfield tweeted this:

Have you had any feedback from the wonderful people that make the movies we all love to watch and write about? Did you get as excited as me?

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