Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spoiling Game of Thrones

I knew I wouldn't make it a week before someone spoiled the latest episode of Game of Thrones for me. I'd like to first thank all the people who were restrained on their Twitter or Facebook accounts and did not spoil what happened in the episode that was aired this week. My Twitter and Facebook feeds went absolutely nuts with constant out pouring of emotional wailing. I knew something bad was heading my way but luckily nobody spat out exactly what happened or to who.

By the way before I go any further I should say as much as I want to post the picture that spoiled it for me that somebody had posted on their Facebook feed, I'm not going to just in case somebody stumbles across this post accidentally and sees it. However I am going to say a few things about what I know so if you aren't up to date with Game of Thrones (like me) then best to stop reading right now!

I don't mind people talking, discussing and blogging about such a momentous event and I noted today that when I got a notification from Cinematic Corner saying Lady Sati had written a post about what happened, she made it very clear at the top of the post not to read on if you hadn't seen it. I immediately looked away even though I'm almost completely certain someone has already utterly spoiled it for me.

A couple of days after it all went down in Game of Thrones, lots of people were making comments about it. As someone who is way behind, it was very difficult to hear everyone going on about something that is going to happen and how tragic and horrible it all is. I immediately knew that I would not get away with not having this spoiled for me before I get to see it.

Thanks to the creator of this gif

I'm about a whole season behind so I have a long way to go before I get to see the episode that has got everybody's knickers in a twist and looking at peoples statuses and tweets was making me desperate to know what people were going on about. On Wednesday I even posted a status saying:

"Think maybe it's going to be impossible to avoid GoT spoilers much longer. May have to just get it over with and read what all the fuss is about."

I was so tempted to just take control of the situation and spoil it for myself. At least then I wouldn't hate anybody else and I would only have myself to blame. I knew everybody couldn't keep being this considerate and thought like ripping off a plaster, I might as well just do it quick and get it over with. Then some comments on that status went like this:

"Resist the urge to read and watch the episode - it's really worth it"

"Pete... Its awesome! Just wait for it!!"

"Don't give in, Pete! It justifies the wait. Oh, how it does."

"Sooooooo good !!"

So I stopped myself, crossed my fingers and hoped. Then on Thursday the inevitable happened. Somebody posted one of those funny meme type pictures that spoiled for me who gets pregnant and then dies. I'm absolutely gutted. A big surprise totally killed. 

It seems sad and OTT to delete someone for doing this kind of thing, but how can I trust them any longer? I F**KING hate spoilers and this was a particularly huge one. How do I know they won't spoil more things for me? To post something like that to your Facebook without any warning is just selfish isn't it? Anyway I'm gutted. Let's just leave it at that shall we.

The Metro also apparently spoiled it for a hell of a lot of people so I'm not the only one fuming.

What do you think? Am I being over sensitive? Or does this deserve severe punishment?

I might add these people to my Game of Thrones hit list

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