Wednesday, 19 June 2013

200,000 page views

Another landmark, 200,000 page views! Thanks to everyone who stops by, re-tweets, contributes and helps spread the word about I Love That Film.

It was only three months ago I was announcing the second year birthday of this blog and the massive amount of 150,000 page views. So it took me 2 years to get to 150,000 and only three months to get another 50,000 more. That's got to be a good sign that things are going well despite the increasingly rare comments I get on the blog.

To be fair, I'm sure the decline in comments is down to my own lack of commenting around the blogosphere. I used to be here, there and everywhere but I've made a very conscious decision to cut down on reading in order to spend more time writing. It's sad and I know I'm losing out on the community aspect of blogging but I still have regular readers and many blogs I love to visit but I'm also writing more than ever which is really why I'm here.

I'm so incredibly desperate to turn this into a career but as I have no experience in journalism, am not very good at the finding work and finding out who editors are and finding out who pays and all that sort of stuff.... but I'm working on it and things are happening... slowly.

At least the blog looks a little better than it did in the early days. I'm still no technical or design genius but at least I'm getting the hang of a few things and the blog looks ok and it's now a bit easier to search for and find things (I hope).

Anyway thanks so much to anyone who reads this! I assume you are a regular or semi-regular and thanks so much for helping me out by reading, sharing, contributing, commenting or even just communicating with me through Twitter. Your support is essential so thank you!

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