Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dangerous Dogs, Power of Prayer, Honeymoon Spending and Cold Calling

At the Yahoo Contributor Network recently, I have been writing about dangerous dogs, the power of prayer, spending a fortune on my honeymoon and how much I hate clod caller chuminess. What qualifies me to talk about anything of these things and demand that you listen to me? Well.... nothing actually but I love writing and they keep asking people to write about different topics so if I think I've got anything even remotely interesting to say on the subject, then I give it a go. I'm sorry as usual film lovers but non of these have anything to do with films. Just click the links to be magically transported across the web to any of the articles that tickle your fancy.
Why we should forget prohibiting dangerous dogs - and punish the owners behind them
As yet another young girl is killed by out of control dogs; there will likely be the same old calls for prohibition of dangerous dog breeds. Dogs are as well behaved as their owners.
Did praying save my life in a plane crash?
When I was in a plane crash in Thailand in August 2009, as the plane slid off the runway on landing, I had time to think one thing: ‘Please God don’t let us die’. Was God there for me. Did he answer my prayer? Or was it simply luck that I survived?
When spending a lot more proved utterly worth it!
Spending a little extra on the honeymoon of a lifetime is totally worth it. My wife and I began our married life with a dream trip to Costa Rica that may have cost a fortune but was worth every penny. £3000 seems a fair price for the fun we had!
Forget cold caller chumminess; just give me the goods
I’m all for friendliness, service with a smile and treating other people with respect but there is a certain level of chumminess that I’m not comfortable with. If I don’t know you and you are too chummy with me, I’m automatically suspicious.

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