Wednesday, 3 April 2013

More Film News at Filmoria

News stories are fun, quick and a real test of your ability to come up with something fresh to say about a poster, trailer or a new still from a film when you know that other sites have already had a pop at the story.

Film news changes and updates rapidly. In the age of Twitter, any news story can break and be all around the web in seconds. It seems ‘news’ can also be a good way to keep in the good books of PR companies who have the power to giveth and taketh away access to preview screenings. If you help promote their films in the run up to release, I guess you might be more likely to get access to the stars and the screenings.

I started a post ages ago for keeping track of my news stories but I think it’s time for a new one so please find below continuously updated links to any news stories I have published over at Filmoria with the newest link always at the top:

RIP Roger Ebert
World War Z Poster
Made of Stone Poster
Rebellion Poster and Images
Rebellion Trailer
Spring Breakers Posters
Saoirse Ronan Joins How to Catch a Monster
Die Hard 6 Looks Likely
Entourage Movie Green Lit
The Sweeney Publicity Stunt
Before Midnight New Stills
New Warm Bodies Poster
Gremlins Reboot Rumours
A Good Day to Die Hard R rated
The Last Exorcism Part 2 Poster
Berberian Sound Studio Wins at BIFA's
Filmoria on the Radio
Rise of the Guardians Magical Funland
New The Impossible TV Spot
Star Wars: Episode VII Director
More Dark Knight Rises Bonus Material
The Dark Knight Rises Bonus Features
Independence Day 3D
Wayne's World 3 Script
Star Trek Into Darkness Preview
One Direction Documentary Director
Django Unchained Poster

Keep an eye out for more news stories at Filmoria.

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