Thursday, 25 April 2013

On Amazing Radio and Marlow FM Talking Movies

Tomorrow (26th April) I'll be on digital station Amazing Radio with Ruth Barnes and local radio Marlow FM talking about the big releases of this weekend. You can listen to me discussing Iron Man 3, Bernie, The Look of Love and The Lords of Salem on Amazing Radio from soon after 12pm by going to the Amazing Radio website here. Then soon after 5pm I will be appearing on Marlow FM to talk about the same films and even if you don't live anywhere near Marlow, you can listen to Marlow FM here.

I now have a weekly slot on Marlow FM talking about new releases and have to pre-record about five minutes of just me all by myself talking about films which they then play during rush hour when hopefully lots of people from Marlow are listening and thinking about what they might like to see at the cinema over the weekend.

I'm also on Amazing Radio fairly frequently with about one or two appearances per month. This one does not need pre-recording and I actually get to chat with presenter Ruth Barnes who always knows her stuff about film, helping to keep me on my toes!

I've reviewed three or the four films out this weekend so far and my review of The Look of Love is also coming soon. I hope you might listen to my short radio chats tomorrow if you're near a computer or digital radio!

I have reviewed Iron Man 3 for Filmoria and you can read the review here and watch the trailer below:

I have reviewed Bernie here and this is the trailer:

I'm still in the process of writing my The Look of Love review but it will be up soon. Here is the trailer:

My The Lords of Salem review is at Filmoria here and the trailer is below:

I hope you will tune in and have a listen to me on the radio tomorrow

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