Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do you want to see a Die Hard 6?

A Good Day to Die Hard made a bit of a killing at the international box office despite mostly negative reviews, many critics pretty much despising it. A Good Day to Die Hard managed to make nearly $300 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo despite earning an extremely rotten 15% over at Rotten Tomatoes. That's over three times its $92 million production budget and therefore Willis' rumour mongering that there will be a Die Hard 6 should likely become a reality.

For fans of the franchise, this is bound to elicit strange and strong mixed feelings, pretty much like the last few films of the series have. Die Hard 4.0 left me dying to go back and watch the original film rather than sitting through this sequel. I loved the original trilogy. Die Hard is the greatest action film of all time for my money. Die Hard 2 might have some problems and inherent silliness but it stuck to what the series knew best; keeping McClane confined, his wife as damsel in distress and having everyone's favourite cop escaping explosions through ridiculous means (ejector seat anyone?)

After the disappointment of Die Hard 4.0 in which McClane had a whole city to play with but unlike in Die Hard with a Vengeance, no Sam Jackson to banter with or schools full of kids under threat, I had low expectations for A Good Day to Die Hard. I wished it all the best as any fan would but didn't get my hopes sky high like I had done for Die Hard 4.0. As a result, I quite enjoyed A Good Day to Die Hard and gave it probably one of the kindest reviews it received.

So now my thoughts turn to Die Hard 6. Do I want to see the action franchise that I was raised on fall further into disrepute? Do I want to see McClane make a wise-cracking, ass kicking comeback? Well obviously I would rather the latter but what if another unwanted (by many) sequel just makes things worse? Willis is balder, grouchier and angrier every time we see him on and off screen. Perhaps it's time he kicked back, put the slippers on and started wearing cardigans and smoking a pipe.

On the other hand, I hope Fox dig deep and find the funds to snag a great director, a great screenplay writer and really make something that works this time. It's got to be personal. It has to have a villain that can top Alan Rickman. It's got to keep McClane cooped up and out of his depth. I want to see McClane cocky and determined but also vulnerable, scared and completely outgunned. Take him out of his comfort zone. Make him beg for his life or for the lives of those he loves. Forget the G.I. Joe invincible action man bullshit. No more computer generated stunts. Do all the action in camera and old school.

Dare I say it, if there has to be a Die Hard 6 then maybe it's time McClane finally died... hard!

What do you think? Will you give Die Hard one more chance?

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