Monday, 22 October 2012

Blu-Ray Review – Cockneys vs Zombies

What do you get when you cross lovable Londoners from the East End with undead hordes shuffling, mumbling and biting their way into human flesh?  Cockneys vs Zombies of course.

Forget the frankly crushing disappointment of previous cinematic smack downs like Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator, this low budget British gem brings much lower expectations and manages to easily exceed them.

Ever wanted to see Alan Ford (that right nutty bastard from Guy Ritchie's Snatch) calling zombies 'FACKIN MUGS!' Well this is the film to see it in.  It's got zombie, cockneys, pensioners, laughs but not many scares and some highly inventive gore and deaths.  It's even got ex-Bond girl and Avenger Honor Blackman in a supporting role.

If you liked British comedy Shaun of the Dead, I urge you to give this horror comedy a try.  It might not have the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost double act but it's still original and a lot of fun.

To kick off Filmoria's 10 days of Halloween, I wrote a review of the Blu-Ray of Cockneys vs Zombies which you can read here.

Anyone seen it?  What did you think?

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