Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cult Movies - Night Of The Living Dead

 ‘Horror films now suggest that the horror is not among us, but rather part of us, caused by us…’ (Polan, 1984, p.202).
Night Of The Living Dead is the kind of film you may not have gotten around to seeing if you were born in the 80s or later. You’ve probably heard of it, but the black and white cinematography, the date it was produced and the lack of stars may have put you off. I’d seen enough modern zombie apocalypses on film to think that going back to this one wouldn’t be necessary. Catching it by chance late one night while channel surfing, I was instantly hooked.

The eerie score, the black actor in the lead role and the siege movie set up all grabbed me and kept me hooked until the incredibly bleak ending. It might be black and white and dated but this film still has enough thrills and ideas to inspire horror filmmakers today. And if the ending doesn’t make you gasp, you’re most likely a zombie...

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