Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I Love That Blog Post #15 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

Check out how film bloggers have been celebrating Halloween with these awesome posts!


The 10 Most F**ked Up Movies courtesy of On Page and Screen 


Ok this isn’t horror related but Chris at Movies and Songs 365 has posted his top 100 movies of all time


A great list of horror recommendations from On Page and Screen


Cinematic Corner has visual parallels between Alien and Prometheus


Cinematic Paradox has been dipping toes in horror all month, culminating in an awesome top 10 and a look at one of my faves Texas Chain Saw


The Droid You’re Looking For ranks the classic slasher icons


Keith has 5 Phenomenal horror movies


Front Room Cinema has a poll on what movie monster you would most want to be turned into.  GO VOTE!


And So It Begins has a fantastic top 10 horror films with a great choice at number one


And I Love That Film has just broken the 12,000 hits in one month mark so thanks to everyone for dropping by!  And thanks to Halloween for making more people watch horror movies!

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