Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What is 'The Scariest Film Ever Made'?

To wrap up Filmoria's 10 Days of Halloween, find out what the Filmoria team feel are the scariest movies ever.

See if your scariest film is on our list!  It's a very interesting selection of films with many classics represented and a few unexpected ones.  There's more that I would love to see on the list but many of my own personal favourites are here.  My entry is on The original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a film that freaked me out beyond belief when I first saw it on TV!  Particularly the final few scenes.  Terrifying stuff!

Here are some choice quotes but what films are they referring to?

'If you want your horror with a happy ending, then forget it.'

'I leave unsettled and fearful of the familiar'

'It is the terrifying ending that will leave you scared to go near a TV'

 'There is one film that continues to strike fear in my heart'

'The horrors that are happening largely off screen makes this one to keep you up at night'

'Imagine having to stay awake to survive. Imagine seeing your friends killed one by one and knowing you’re next. Imagine having nightmares so horrendous your hair turns grey'

'The frantic camerawork flies back and forth with so much energy that his manic incarnations literally jump off the screen'

'What scares me now is how it represents the true randomness of evil'

'The writing, directing, acting, and especially Philip Glass’ haunting score all work together to bring this horrifying tale to terrifying life'

'Terrifying audiences with his mutilation of the human body'

'I have only seen the original cinematic ending and it chilled me so much I have not even considered watching the sequels that followed.'

So what is the film that gives you the worst nightmares?  What made you cower from the screen, cover your eyes, run away, cry, scream or switch off the TV?  And what do you think of the Filmoria teams selection?

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