Thursday, 4 October 2012

Looper Film Club Review

Thanks again to this post from Scott at Front Room Cinema, I got to take part in the From The Red Carpet film club again last weekend.  Everyone that took part got two free tickets to see Looper and then we all met up on Facebook on the Sunday evening to discuss the film.

From the Red Carpet have published their review of the film and there are lots of quotes from all us film clubbers in it so please have a look at the review and leave them a comment telling them to make sure they keep inviting me back.  The From the Red Carpet review is here.

I'm damn sad to tell you that I did not find the film as satisfying as my ridiculously high expectations had told me it would be.  Nevertheless it's still a pretty great film with loads to like but its not in the same league as some of my favourite time travel movies or my favourite Bruce Willis movies.  I leave you with some sample quotes from the film clubbers:

EVERTON ‘Pure class. A Top 3 time travel film, easily – I love the way they used it intelligently. The torture scene was an instant classic.’

PETER ‘Great, intelligent science fiction but not as good as the time travel films I grew up with despite a fantastic performance from JGL!

 CHRIS ‘Looper is a slick, stylish and very smart sci-fi movie! The whole concept and premise is executed perfectly and JGL is sublime in the leading role.’

MEGAN ‘JGL was great although I did think the prosthetics were a bit distracting. His performance was awesome though.’

What did you think of Looper?  Instant classic or disappointing?

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