Saturday, 19 October 2013

Short Story published in Starburst Magazine: The Day Job

Starburst Magazine continue to publish my short stories along with the wonderful art work by Rylan Cavell. The latest is the first of my short stories to go in the print edition of the magazine as opposed to online and is titled The Day Job. It is based loosely on the character of Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films and is a story about a warped individual who thinks it is ok to kill and cook people for a little bit of pleasure and also consumption.

It was written while I was doing a short story course and was set the task of writing a story that began with the sentence 'It is hard to saw through a human head with a hacksaw' so you get the gist of the direction it takes.

Starburst is on sale in shops all around the UK and elsewhere and is the longest running magazine of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy. I found 6 copies on the shelves in WHSmiths today and took a photo to post on Facebook and this blog in order to spread the word. Please go pick up a copy of issue 394 in shops now. There's loads on Doctor Who in the issue and reviews, news and features along with my little short story. Or even better, subscribe here. Even better still, if you fancy getting a short story published in the magazine or on the website, then have a look here at their recruitment page.

I have written a few more stories which I'm hoping to get included either on the website or in print in the future. One of them is extremely sick and I'm desperate to see if it gets published or screwed up and thrown in the bin instead! If you pick up issue 394 of Starburst Magazine, then please have a read of my story and let me know what you think!

On the shelves
The cover
Love the artwork

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