Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Walking Dead and Homeland Return

The fourth season of The Walking Dead has reanimated and stumbled towards screens across the world, attracting record numbers of gore hounds. Homeland season 3 also made a return recently to slightly less fanfare with a Damian Lewis-less first two episodes before Brody came back in time for the third episode.

I've been writing all about both shows over at Yahoo. My writing over there has been keeping me pretty busy lately and this blog is suffering as a result. However my page views over at Yahoo have already over taken the page views at this blog and I haven't even been writing there for a year yet whereas this blog has been plodding along for over 2 and half years now.

This probably isn't the post for this but I can feel this blog slipping away from me at the moment. Writing at I Love That Film has genuinely changed my life. What started small became an obsession and then I used this blog to get writing opportunities at other websites. Now I'm not sure if I can keep it all up anymore. I barely write anything here at the blog or for Filmoria (who first took me on and gave me massive opportunities) and I'm getting behind on my PhD thesis. Anyway this is not the end yet but I just felt like writing that before offering a glimpse of my recent Walking Dead and Homeland writing at Yahoo:

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