Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Walking Dead Ratings Rise as Homeland Hits a Rough Patch

AMC's The Walking Dead is going from strength to strength at the moment in its fourth savage season. Showtime's Homeland on the other hand has seen a bit of a ratings slide in its third season with a fair few fans choosing to switch off rather than stick with the flailing CIA drama. Nevertheless I'm certainly still watching both series and finding plenty to write about over at Yahoo.

The Walking Dead: A virus in the cells
First up is my review of the third episode of season four where a sickness is still spreading within the prison walls. It is a virus that pays no attention to fences, doors and walls. Infection is seeping into the cells of the prison and no one is safe!
The Walking Dead renewed for fifth season
'The Walking Dead' is growing in popularity every year with season four currently airing to exceptional viewing figures. Surprise, surprise... AMC have just announced they will be making a fifth season to continue the ongoing saga of the dead. Who knows how long this will show last?
Homeland: Game Changer
Homeland has been playing a very dangerous game in season three. Alienating fans and deceiving the audience for the first three episodes in a long con that finally gets an unexpected pay off in the closing moments of episode four: Game On.
Homeland threatened by ratings slide
The viewing figures for 'Homeland' are looking increasingly bleak as the fourth episode of season three pulls in less viewers than previous weeks. Will fans ever forgive seasons three's failings?
Homeland makes a comeback after ratings slump
'Homeland' recently returned for its third season but has been facing falling viewing figures with each new episode. A major plot twist at the end of the fourth episode however appears to have reversed the fortunes of the ailing CIA drama.
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