Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Walking Dead Vs new virus and Homeland Vs Muslims

I have been busy writing for Yahoo about two of the best shows on TV at the moment; The Walking Dead and Homeland. This time I've been writing about a fan convention, a review of the first episode of season 3 of TWD and the representation of Muslims in Homeland. Please check out the articles by clicking the titles.

A new convention started by fans of 'The Walking Dead' will take place in early November in Atlanta and is expected to draw crowds of over 10,000 zombie fans. I tried to convince Yahoo to pay for me to attend but unfortunately (and understandably) they are not willing to fly me over to Atlanta to join a bunch of zombie fans for this event! Still it looks very cool though...

After a blistering third season, 'The Walking Dead' returned with a somewhat calm first episode showing relative peace for the survivors at the prison. However seeds of disruption have already been planted in and outside the prison fences. This is my review of the first episode which aired in the UK on Friday.

Homeland has been criticised in previous seasons for exploiting anti-Muslim stereotypes. In this article I explore if things are changing in the new episodes of season 3. I'm keeping an eye on the comments of this one as controversial topics like this often bring up some good debate.

Homeland is approaching its forth episode of the third season in the UK and after the episode aired in the US, the showrunner has been speaking about the criticisms that some have been levelling at the third season so far. It can't be hurting too badly as the news has just broken that Homeland will indeed get a fourth season, whether fans think that is a good idea or not. My big question is will Brody make it through to the next season?

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