Thursday, 27 December 2012

Splice Cinema Journal: Will Ferrell article

I have just received my copy of the Winter 2012 issue of Splice: Studying Contemporary Cinema journal. Volume 6, issue 2 is all about sports films and I was commissioned to write an article about the four sports movies Of Will Ferrell. I titled it Mockery, Masculinity and Misogyny: The Sports Movies of Will Ferrell. It deals with representations of gender in Kicking and Screaming, Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory and Semi-Pro.

This is the second article I have had published in Splice after my previous article on the recent trend of star documentary directors such as Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock. Below you can see the covers of the two issues that I have been published in and the title pages of the articles I have contributed. I am now off to write my third article for the next issue on two very different prison films from the 90s.

Here is a snippet from the Will Ferrell article:

'Will Ferrell frequently plays characters that are either parodying traditional representations of masculinity and border on misogynist and homophobic or he plays more progressive, sensitive and gentle characters that provide a much more modern representation of men and their role in contemporary society.  Whether his characters are traditional or progressive, the films are comedies and therefore there is a great deal of parody and irony involved in the representation of men.  It is also interesting to examine the role of women and homosexuals and references to these social groups in the films as this can lead to further justification of the films as either misogynist or more progressive texts.

Splice is published by Auteur so if you want to subscribe, you can find their website here. For at least the next six months I will be in the process of writing my first book for Auteur to be published as part of the Devil's Advocate series. For Christmas, I received Benjamin Poole's book on Saw which I am looking forward to reading.

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