Saturday, 15 December 2012

Students' Stop Motion Animation Adverts

One of the many perks of being a film and media lecturer is that I get to help my students to make moving image products from music videos to stop motion animations to documentaries. Though it can be very difficult, pretty stressful and frustrating, it is also often extremely satisfying to see the end results.

Stop motion animation is a particularly tricky unit as we do it in the first semester of their first year so for many of the students, this will be their very first attempt at making anything. Others have made things at home before or on previous courses but most are new and stop motion is one of their first chances to get creative. As anyone who has attempted to make a stop motion animation will know, it can be very tricky, time consuming, fiddly and infuriating. But the results can often be absolutely wonderful so hopefully all the hard work is worth it in the end.

The brief I give the students is to make an advert for a product of their choice or to make a TV channel ident. Here are some of the best from this year:

PSVita Stopmotion Advert 


Centurion Energy Drink Advert


 And here is an older one I always had a soft spot for. I'm going to keep adding to these as I find where my students have uploaded them to so please watch this space!


 Feel free to leave any feedback as the students may be able to use any constructive criticism in their evaluations. 

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