Friday, 22 February 2013

Best Picture Oscar Catch Up

I've just got back from finally seeing Django Unchained and with just two days left until the Oscar ceremony, I've still got to see Beasts of the Southern Wild and Lincoln out of the best picture nominees. Showcase Cinemas are doing a special offer for their Insider members that you can get two tickets to Beasts for only £5 all this week up to Thursday and you can get a single ticket for Lincoln for just £5.

Of the Best Picture nominees, I have already seen the following and if I've reviewed them, just click the title:

Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Les Miserables
Django Unchained
Zero Dark Thirty 

For some reason I've only reviewed five of these and I'm afraid it's far too late to write reviews of Argo and Amour as I saw them both ages ago. Suffice to say, I loved Argo but Amour wasn't really my bag, well crafted and superbly acted though it undoubtedly is.

As I said in this post the other day, I've got a little bit of money riding on the Oscars this year and am hoping selfishly and stupidly for Zero Dark Thirty to win best picture; not for its directing, acting, story, cinematography or the whole producing package but simply because the odds are about 80/1 and I'd make a killing!

Anyway this is by far the most of the best picture nominees I have ever seen before the Oscar ceremony so it all makes the awards season slightly more interesting and entertaining than I normally find it. I guess the main purpose of this post is to ask anyone reading this, how may of the best picture nominees have you seen?

And if I could only see one out of Beasts of the Southern Wild or Lincoln before the awards ceremony, what would you recommend is the one I should go for?

So far, for me I'd like either Argo or Life of Pi to bag the award. Les Mis and Amour should get some for acting and give Tarantino one for his best screenplay since Pulp Fiction!

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